Stripper Wants Your Come



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This is a very sexy totally POV roleplay, it is set up like we're in a club and in the VIP room. I I tell you that anything goes...and I start to give you a sexy lapdance. Perky breasts and round full ass in your face, my body grinding on yours POV. Then I decide to show you more, I get on the floor and spread my legs wide for you, giving you a great view. I do some fingering in doggystyle and then flip back over and encourage you to go ahead and jerk off for me, I want to see it. I masturbate while I watch you stroke and then come over and grind my bare ass on your cock. Soon I'm so excited, I want your cum on me, guess where! I stick out my tongue for your come and then bring out your cock and suck it down, stroking it off on my face and pleased as punch when you shoot on my cheek