Mini Squirt w/ LUSH Wand

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3,180 5.0
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Thats was a mini squirt???? God I hope we get a BIG squirt video soon because she could have filled a kiddy pool! So HOT!

DrBrule04 - Top reviewer Jun 28
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This whole video is hot but the gushing sounds makes it probably one of the hottest squirting videos I have ever seen.

Rainman_ovo - Top reviewer May 16
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This woman is absolutely incredible

firstsexxo16 deleted Apr 21
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Just Amazing. I have no words ;) This is the best Solo Fem-Squirting Video i´ve ever seen. It´s even better than a Professional One (Referring to those sponsored by big networks like Brazzers) I´ve been folowing riley sinse early 2016 every day and i just have to say she is amazing and she knows how to get in to people´s hearts

st_204 - Top reviewer Apr 20
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All I can say is WOW. This is a must have video.

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When I saw MINI I was like ok this should be nice, but DAMEEE that was BIG like if that was a MINI squirt for her we all need umbrellas

UGHHHH so Horny! In this video I play with my pussy using my fingers and incorporate my very strong LUSH Wand which makes me squirt all over. COMMON Question: Thats a Small Squirt? Answer: Yes this is a Small squirt! I will soon being making a big Squirt video