Salad Maid to Order



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I'm the cook and I have just finished washing dishes and have been told to prepare my boss (or Master, or husband, it can go anyway you imagine) some food just the way he likes it. I bend over, showing my special uniform with seamed stockings, short skirt, and no panties, while looking for the right vegetables- I take out 2 large cucumbers, some broccoli, a sweet potato, a carrot, and cherry tomatoes. I wash each item sensually then begin treating those vegetables right. I start by rubbing the cold carrot along my cunt lips then lift up a leg on the counter and fuck myself silly. Soon I want something bigger so I reach for a cucumber, bending over the counter and fucking myself doggystyle until I cover it in cream. I set aside the vegetables I creamed on and sit down on the floor to fuck my cunt with the broccoli stem and then with the sweet potato that I selected especially for its g-spot stimulating shape- and I come hard with it. I set aside the vegetables and get ready for the next step of food preparation..don't forget to check out part 2