You've been a Bad Sister

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quot;You've been a baaaad sister!" said my brother entering the room with a big smile on his silly face. I had no idea about what he was talking about. He used to tease me like this sometimes without having a real reason, just to annoy me. This time, indeed, the situation was different. He heard a rumor circulating around about me and a guy named Timmy... that I fucked him! The rumor is unfortunately true, and I'm beginning to regret fucking such a "gossip girl" who is now showing off to everybody about it. I felt slightly uncomfortable when I realized that even my brother knows who I fuck (and it's not his goddamn business for god's sake!) but wait, there's more: he decided to blackmail me with this, threatening that he's gonna tell mum! I don't want to be grounded again! Last time when she caught me with a little mistake I've been grounded in my room for two fucking weeks! I thought he wanted money, he always catches the opportunity to "borrow" some cash he never returns. But he doesn't want money, interesting! He wants me to suck his cock! And to show him my tits! NO WAY! (okay, tits for one second, be focused!) But wait, on the other side is grounding for a month, I suppose. Sucking cock is not so bad... even if it's brother cock... I can forget for some moments that it's my brother's cock and imagine a universal cock, without any actual owner...:))) I might look innocent, but the moment he asked this of me my dirty mind was crossed by a lot of long threads on thoughts, one dirtier than the other. I wanted him to lick my pussy first, I wanted to see him burying his face down there, putting his wet and warm tongue on my clit and moving it... tickling my tiny hole, I never imagined my brother knows how to treat a woman for real. Apparently he is an undiscovered gold mine! Seeing him put such effort in my pleasure I wanted immediately to return the favor and suck his big cock, already hard in his jeans. I like to suck cock, for real! I know a lot of little tricks, with my lips, or my tongue to make a cock feel like heaven. It's enough to hear him moaning, to know what to do and what he likes most. I even DeepThroated his big dick, he was surprised I could do it, he probably imagined he could ask his sister for a blowjob, but he never imagined she can DeepThroat! All this sucking and licking made both of us thirsty for a good fuck, though. My cunt was soaking wet and his cock was all wet and shiny from sucking, so our genitals matched like two well-oiled screws :)) We fucked doggy-style for some time, I had an orgasm pretty fast. Then I laid on the back and he pounded my pussy till I was literally screaming, I was almost cumming several times, but so was my brother, and it's a completely bad idea for us to cum inside. When he was almost exploding he put it out, I rubbed it a little bit and he came all over me, there is cum in my hair, cleavage, shirt, skirt... all fucking over! :)) I don't feel blackmailed, though.... I really had a good time