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HONK HONK!!! THAT'S Right it's ME! I wanted to come back and bring you a fun new clown clip. This one features Clownie Giggle Down and Out things got less clownie for him and you can see it as he looks so ragged. At one point his nose is barely hanging on poor clown. But his beautiful co star in this one is Unique Lovely. She was recently transformed into a sexy clownie girl Thanks to Yo Yo Cakes. Yo Yo wanted to share her friend with her papa Clownie Giggles. We start with this new clown girl slowly sucking my erect cock. She pulls it out of my striped pants and goes right to sucking on it. I lay back as she is sucking the hell out of my cock. She uses her tongue on the head as she sucks it just how I like it. She deep throats me a few times but it turns out to be abit to thick for her throat lol (Big Head Billy HONK)! She really has my cock ready to be inside of her tight wet Clown pussy. She spits on her pussy and slide right down my cock. Her pussy feels so soft and tight as I entered her. She rides me reverse cow clown girl making sure you can see my cock going in and out of her exposed pussy. Her swelled up clit out so we can see it as she works her self up to orgasm. She cums all over my cock then rides me cow girl so we can see her fat ass work up and down as she twerks on my cock. Unique really can work a cock with her dancing skills. She slams down on me harder and harder so she can have all of me in her. She moans out as she takes abit more than she wanted lol. Finally I get to take some control and I bend this sexy young Clown over so you can see how round her perfect ass is and slide my thick throbbing big headed cock deep in her and hold her hips so she can squirm forward. I ram my cock over and over in her doggie style. She shakes and cums all over my cock which in turn drives this Clown nuts so I pull out and unload my hot white creamy Clown love all over her fat perfect ass. She is one hell of a Clown that loves cock! Wore my ass out at this point. But I will be back soon better than e