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Sexy Unique Lovely wakes up in a strange bed in a room she has never been in before. She looks around and is very confused then Clownie Giggles calls out to his little clown Yo Yo Cakes to come to the room. Unique realizes there are 2 clowns in the room with her and she doesn't understand what is going on. It seems that Clownie grabbed Unique for a Birthday present for Yo Yo Cakes. Yo Yo Cakes is very excited to have a new play toy. Yo Yo is a young clown who is still growing into her clown as you can see with her makeup. She loves her new toy and starts to play with it rubbing Unique all over her body. Clownie Giggle slowly stripping her as he rubs all over her body. Then Yo Yo 1st uses her dads squeaky rubber cock on Unique and we see she enjoys it and starts to giggle as her face slowly turns white. Yo Yo gets all worked up since this is her 1st clowning with another person and really thinks the transformation is fun. She then makes Unique who now has a base white color face suck on her squeaky hammer and as she does that she changes more this time she has red lips and red cheeks. Yo Yo Cakes loves her B day present so much she rubs her wet pussy. Uniques dripping wet at this point you can see the cream dripping out of her on to the blanket. As Yo Yo rubs Uniques clit we get to see what Yo Yo has between her clown legs as well. Perfect shaven clean kitty. But wait what is this Unique changed again this time with hair and nose. She looks almost perfect but Yo Yo realizes she can't be just a naked clown and she transforms Unique into her full clown clothed but with her kitten exposed. Poor Unique she was told just to relax and play so she can be let go but it seems that Yo Yo and Giggles both want to keep this clown for a while or at least until they break her