Mirror Mirror.. on the Wall

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1,798 5.0
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Exotic_boy - Top reviewer Dec 10
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Just amazing, now one of my favourites, great vid of LCG!!!

kisselle May 25 2017
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I LOVE THIS GIRL!!!! No-one can sexualise an inanimate dildo like she can... really creative use of looking at the camera while doing some crazy slobbering!!! xoxo

normancrowe23 May 4 2017
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The white tank top and panties are so hot. As usual another great video with good lighting and quality. This girl is a 10!

David1125 - Top reviewer Jan 3
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Oooo this is different I don't see something like this too often. Her butt looks extra cute when she's on her tippy toes too. Loved the blooper in the end that was funny haha!

trock230 - Top reviewer Nov 3
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Another cute video from her! Pick it up guys and gals! :)

I start off showing you my boobs. I lick and suck my dildo stuck to the mirror. I try to ride it in 2 different camera views but my dildo was so stubborn and kept popping out. I go back to licking and sucking and spitting. Then I decide to ride it on the floor frontal and rear view. I suck it some more and go back to fucking myself with it. At one point someone slammed a door in the hallway and it spooked me.. lol