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672 5.0
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Arrakis84 Apr 29 2017

Love your hot spitty deepthroat.. especially when you stare at the camera with that gorgeous magnetic eyes of yours. It feels like we are in the video with you. Also love when you stick out your tongue..opening very wide your mouth showing till the tonsils.. amazing during the clip and at the end just when we cum..cumplay and cum in eyes are another unique amazing addicting skills of yours..

jorelnash Jun 16 2017
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Whenever I call Pizza Hut, the delivery guys are never hung like that guy. I did find so much sucking of the penis kinda grody, oh well, to each her own. Hey, can i get that guys number?

So my girl friend reccommended me to this guy who was looking to get some. Of course I am happy to oblige, we meet up gey comfortable and then start recording. I explain how much easier it is off set to have fun, then get right into a sloppy depe throat blowjob. We continue into missionary, switch into doggy style, and of course I'm happy to taste myself off of him and begin to blow him again even sloppier. Then I ride him, we spoon, and I suck his cock again even sloppier and then get a nice hot load