Andi Page get Bully Back


Bella Ink

Indian / Las Vegas
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When Andi Page was younger she had a babysitter that would taunt her and play pranks on her all the time. So a few years pass and Andi is all grown up and has taken some kick boxing and wrestling classes. At a friend of the families house he the old babysitter was there and now she had the chance to get him back. As Andi approaches him to tell him she didn't like what he used to do to her. The guy mouths off to her, so she punches him in the stomach and pushes him down to the floor. He says when he gets back up he's gonna make her wish she never did this. So then she replies" i'll show you and your not going to get up" and starts to put him in numerous scissor holds with him trying to get out because of the tight grip she has on him with her legs. He frantically continually tries to get out screaming "let me out"but ever time he thinks he will get up she kicks or chocks him back out to the floor. She reminds him of all the times she was left crying in the room alone, after he would humiliate her in front of all her friends. So she reminds him, that he will never forget today. So she relentlessly pounds on him letting out all her anger, frustration and built up humiliation for all those years. Finally she finishes him off with such a scissor hold so tight he and she leaves him there in the middle of the living room floor