Lustful Therapist


Tammie Madison

American / UK
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After hearing part of your story over the phone, I'm really glad that you came to see me. From what I understand, you believe that every time you are around a woman she suddenly gets an unstoppable urge to have sex with you. Is that what you think is happening? Well, I think we should really discuss how you view yourself and explore how this is effecting your perception of reality. Have you ever heard the term narcissism? Sorry, excuse me for pulling on my blouse like this. I just feel very warm all of a sudden. Are you wearing any cologne? You smell amazing! I... um... well, I just can't seem to control my hands. It just feels so good to touch myself when I look at you. You are a very handsome man. This has never happened to me. I shouldn't really do this with a patient, but I need to have you. I need to suck you and fuck you. I just can't stop myself