Secretary Shows You the Way to Gay


Tammie Madison

American / UK
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I'm very good at my job. You couldn't possibly ask for a better secretary. I always know what you need and what you want long before you do. And, that is exactly why I've wanted to talk to you about your wondering eye in the office and your rather pathetic attempts to hit on me. I never take it seriously when you start saying you are my boss and that I have to do whatever you say. You see, I know your heart isn't really in it. You just say these things and act like the dominant office male because you think you should. But, I've seen where your eyes wonder. With all these hot twinks we have running around here, how could you possible resist staring at their tight, hard bodies? Your attraction to the sexy men in this office alarms you and that is why you resort to trying to demand sex from me. After all, you do find yourself getting hard for my hot body as well. All the stimulation is overwhelming and ultimately confusing for you and your dick. Well, boss, let me help you out. You've wanted me to fuck you and now I am going to, but we will be doing it my way. You see, there's nothing I love more than strapping on my fat cock and taking a guy up the ass. Once you've had the pleasure of being pegged while I fill your head with thoughts of cock you will finally understand what it is you really want. Like any good secretary, I am two steps ahead of you and know exactly what you need. Showing you how much you enjoy having your ass rammed with dick is only the beginning. I'll show you the way to gay