Lubey Butt

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American / Twin Peaks
17 5.0
3:07 min - Jun 17 - .WMV - 51.88 MB


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tigerspider deleted - Top reviewer Apr 30
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Simple, short and sweet, this ass fetish video has a singular focus: MissKaitlin lubing up her butthole and driving the viewer crazy with a fantastic view of her sexy derriére and the sticky, wet sounds of her fingers tapping and caressing the entry to her ass. The video is an exciting sans penetration tease that leaves the viewer imagining exploring her butt with tongue, fingers and cock while furiously fapping.

All I do in this vid is play with my lubed up butthole, making sounds and stuff. I believe that first line I say in this (took me a moment to understand myself is) Does it Mesmerize you? it should...I shake my booty, and lube it up and this is kind of adorable. (2012) (Please <3 my vid if you like the preview