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Valentine's Smoke/Toke and Fuck

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3,792 5.0
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benny70 Nov 15 2017
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i can't get enough of this. how is she this fucking hot all the time?

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Great video with lots of close ups of the beautiful arabella in every pose that she herself tells you in the description,if you think the quality is bad your wrong this is way better than she lets on and a video you have to see to believe for yourself.You wont be disappointed with any second of this video.

Eggtastic - Top reviewer Apr 23 2017
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This video packs a lot in it! It slowly builds momentum and fills all your senses too. Starting with smoking and little teasing, then moving position to show off her lovely behind with at first hard hand spanks, then paddle till red raw. Then she starts fingering her pussy and teasing her anus. All the time staying in character, next she puts on a gag and uses hitachi till she can't take anymore. We move on to the beautiful butt plug and then blowjob that should be seen to be believed! Awesome blowjob that literally brings tears to her eyes. The final act is where Arabelle gets fucked in number of positions! *YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS VIDEO QUICKLY*, or you will miss out on a fantastic lovely precious video!

stuphonik Apr 23 2017
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digging the outfit

and the ball gag

For Valentine's day, your slutty submissive girlfriend. Ari, wants nothing more than to ride your cock. You start off smoking down a joint each (I suggest smoking along with me and adding in your toking music of choice as this video, like most of my others, has NO MUSIC). Once stoned, Ari can't help but get turned on. She teases you with your favorite top, playing with her breasts and giggling as you watch. Then, she shows off her ass just asking for some hand and paddle spanks. When she can't take it anymore, her hands wander to the soft wet mound between her legs. Parting her lips with her fingers as she touches herself for you..but you want more and ask her to finger her asshole too. She is nervous but its Valentine's day and she lives to please you. Your cock standing stiff you tell her to gag herself and put a vibrator on her clit. You make her stay like this for some time, watching the drool drip from her gag before demanding she tease her ass more with a large plug. Impatient for your own pleasure, you tell her to turn around and take your cock in her mouth, which she does, her face quickly becoming covered in drool and pre-cum. Once you decide she is wet enough you have her hop on top, riding your stiff dick from multiple angles until you make each other cum hard