Shushed by a Goddess


Parker Smash

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I've been lured into the dungeon of a beautiful Goddess. As she starts binding me, I have no idea what's in store so I try to fight but she is much too strong for me. I moan and cry trying to get her to let me go but she shushes me by putting her beautiful soft hand over my mouth. I still try to get away so I can breathe but she doesn't let me escape. I'm not match for her powerful hands. She has me worship her manicured hands, licking her palm and sucking her fingers as they go deep in my throat. I'm such a dirty girl and can fit her whole hand in my dirty wet mouth. She pulls out the vibrator and I'm hoping that as her new hand whore she'll give me a little pleasure. But no...she won't let me. She's decided to keep me captive for much longer...maybe next time she'll let me experience the vibrator as she muffles my moans with her hand