Sucking my way out of getting expelled

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The headmaster calls me into his office. I’ve no idea why; probably some stupid reason coz he’s an old dude. I go into his office and close the door. He tells me I’m not wearing appropriate uniform attire and will expel me coz of this. What’s wrong with going shirtless?! it’s so friggin’ hot! Anyway. I don’t want to be expelled (who does?!) and I’ve always sensed the dirty old man perving over me in the hallways…lightbulb moment! I’m all alone with him in the office, topless. Who’s gonna get into more trouble? I blackmail him and see his cock get hard with forbidden excitement. Dirty old MARRIED man! i bet his wife doesn’t turn him on as much as I do! I play with myself then suck him off on all fours til he cums all over my mouth