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My Lil Sissy - ABDL



American / Your Head.
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I've been indulging my hubby in his weird and fucked up diapy fetish for several months now. I love being called mommie and not having to really deal with a husband anymore- but he's such a whiney little brat. He doesnt pick up his toys or do any chores mommie tells him to do. Disciplining him hasnt done the trick so we're giving this one last chance. He cant be a good witto boy so maybe he can be a good widdo grrl! No more toy cars and dinosaurs- it's pink satin sissy stuff from now on! New toys, new clothes and soon- new diapys too! It's all grrly frills, minnie mouse and hello kitty from here my babie! We're gonna get you dolled up before we go shopping for the perfect new diapys! Now be a good sissy... or end up divorced