Princess catches you watching Her shower



American / Nebraska
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I've had a long day, and a hard work out. I do not have the time for you or your pathetic excuse of a cock. I walk in the bathroom to shower. I don't even notice you there at first, but when I turn and see you, I become livid. You just can't help yourself though, can you? You're a gross pervert who gets hard watching women shower. I decide that the best punishment for you is to let you stay and watch me, but you cannot touch. I turn on the water and step into the steam. I humiliate you for watching me, because you're a disgusting pervert and a pathetic excuse. I tease you and laugh because I know just how badly you want to touch me. I laugh at how hard your cock is until I'm finished showering and putting lotion on my soft body and I tell you to cum for me. Then I put on a sexy chemise and leave you to clean up your mess