Harley Quinn gives weakend Batman a blow


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
8:53 min - Apr 18 - .WMV - 1.33 GB


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n this part three update of Harley vs Batman, we left off with Harley taking a nibble on the bat cock. She couldn't possibly pass up an opportunity to drain the bat of his manhood, after all he might be departed at the end of the night. She greedily takes him in her mouth slurping every inch down. She is getting hungry and his cum will fill her up ever so nicely, just like how Mr.J used to do. As she starts to drool everywhere and get super sloppy she notices her makeup getting all over the bat. Oh what FUN, she can turn the bat into a clown! or his cock at least! She laughs manically at the though of turning the mighty hero into a twisted bat clown. She going to put a BIG smile on his face hahahaha!!! The bat is so drained from their fight he can barley protest, Harley thinks he kind of likes it, after all she is beautiful and has a wonderful mouth. Batman starts to get super hard and Harley can feel his balls get heavy with anticipation. She giggles and gets super excited thinking about having all that bat cum slide down her throat. She moves down to slurp up his balls. As her voracity increase the wetter her mouth gets. She starts to slobber all over drenching his cock and balls. She can hardly contain herself, eager to consume his tasty spunk she starts using her hands. Alternating between his dick and balls she vigorously works her mouth and hands making sure shes getting him closer and closer to orgasm. She jams the bat dick all the way down making every inch of him disappear. He can no longer hold out. The bat succumbs to her charms and begins to cum uncontrollably. She squeals in delight and immediately puts it in her mouth. After she drains every last drop and licks all her fingers clean she takes the opportunity to check the totals on the website. Oh my, its not looking good for the dark knight. The total vote to terminate him is up to 2 million! That's not good news for his ass in more ways then one. Stay turned to the next update to she what sick fun things Harley has in store for fallen hero