Paige Turner Shrinks Employees

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Paige Erin Turner is in her office and looking for the employees that she shrunk. She finds the one who had HR complaints for sexual complaints. Since he had an obsession for asses, Paige, places him on the sofa and puts her beautiful butt all over him. When he cannot breathe, she laughs at his predicament! Another one is hiding under the couch and Paige gets on her hands and knees to find him. This one was her worst hiring mistake and was worthless as an employee. Since he was always taking his shoes off and putting his smelly feet on the desk, Paige puts him in her shoes where he can inhale her smelly feet. He gets smushed between her toes so that he cannot get away. The third guy was shrunk because he is the oddball who brings stinky food to work and if he forgot his own food, would steal food from others. The best solution is to drop him in her mouth and eat him. She debates on swallowing and chewing and decides to chew him. Even though she tell him it will be quick, she teases him before finally crunching his little bones. This was an excellent day at work! OTHER KEYWORDS- laughing, femdom, brunette, MILF, legs, tall, brown hair, long hair