Rough Blowbang with Dad and Brother


Bettie Bondage

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Your sister is freaking out about her tuition bill. She's been working in retail, trying to make enough money to stay in school, but it's just too expensive. She even confesses to you and your dad that she has considered answering some of the "NSA" ads on various skeezy websites to make the payments on time. You and your dad smirk. You've been known to post some of those ads together, getting a girl over to suck you both off. You know, regular ol' father-son bonding time. Your sister catches on to your sly smiles and asks whats so funny. You just have to tell her, to see the look on her face. Her reaction is a little bit different than you expected, however...she looks kind of curious. It doesn't take long for you to realize what cogs are turning in your sister's dirty mind! You and your father look at each other as she makes the offer you didn't realize you'd been waiting for until this moment. But you'll make her work for it - school ain't cheap. Once on her knees, your little sister becomes so filthy, begging for both of your cocks, fucking you both down her throat until she gags and spits and drools all over herself, going back for more after only brief gasps for breath. You never thought your sister would be so into rough deep throat but she's groaning all over your cocks, begging you to cum deep into her throat