Sexy Roomie Tricked to Balloon Bouncing

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Layla is about to have some fun alone time with just her and her favorite balloons, when her roommate Ami comes home early. Layla is quite startled and not sure how to play this off, so she invites Ami to have a bounce with her... Figuring she would most definitely say no, she would leave her alone to get freaky... but instead, Ami is curious about the big balloons, and offers to give it a shot. Layla seizes the opportunity to get a peek at her sexy room mate she has been lusting after for the last few months!! She invites Ami to have a bounce on her cattex elephant, and she instantly falls in love! Layla is surprised to see the reaction, but it turns her on to watch her roommates hot ass bounce away! Layla bounces on a well necked q24 and takes it all in! Soon, she offers up the q24 to Ami , because she wants to grind away on the elephant a bit, too! Ami bends over and gives Layla a great view of her hot ass in her booty shorts bouncing and grinding away on the overinflated latex loon! Layla is so turned on by Ami's grinding that she cums and tries to hide it a bit as the balloon bursts beneath her!!! Layla lays there in post orgasm bliss, watching her sexy roommate Ami grind her sexy ass and hot pussy on the loon. Layla can't take it any more and she pops Ami's balloon so she falls in a sexy heap on the bed. Sensing that she has created a new looner, she offers to go inflate some more balloons for the two of them, which Ami eagerly accepts!!! This is HOT