Diaper Wetting Loser

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I allowed you to be my cleaning slave. Your job was to clean my entire house, and instead, you've made a big mess. You couldn't even hold your bladder long enough to mop! You've soiled yourself, my house, and any shred of dignity you had left. What a fucking loser! Why weren't you wearing diaper? You weren't ready to go in public in big boy pants. Your leaky little willy belongs swaddled in Pampers at all times, and ESPECIALLY at my house! Maybe you just like being a soggy mess, helpless to your own urges and humping your itty bitty dicky against a soaked diaper. EW. This is why you'll never be more than a cleaning bitch to me. Hot girls like me date REAL men with big cocks and muscles, who can control themselves in public. Diapered idiots like you aren't allowed to associate with the perfect people of the world beyond the sub-par servitude you're able to offer. You're GROSS