Mad wife Whitney Morgan diaper disciplin



Canadian / Las Vegas
12:25 min - Apr 19 - .WMV - 391.87 MB


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FOR ABDL's WHO ENJOY DIAPER DISCIPLINE AND MADE TO WEAR DIAPERS BY A MAD MOM. Wife Whitney has had it with your careless pants wetting accidents, especially when they happen in public in front of women she knows... you've embaressed her ONCE & FOR ALL... she's fixing this problem right now... You're getting put back into DIAPERS. That's right, BIG THICK, CUSHY WHITE POOFY ADULT BAMBINOS that even spell out B-A-B-Y on the front. But not before she checks your temperature rectally. She wipes, powders and diapers you and finds a nice white sissy short dress to put on you... but they odn't even cover your diapers!!!! You're trying to protest so she puts on cloth fluffy mitts on your hands so you can't talk it off!! She's baby talking to you the whole time after diapering you... because only B-A-B-I-E-S have to wear DlAPERS!! LOL Now it's feeding time and you get your bottle. Lots of condecending talk with baby talk mixed in!! Very stern, mean wife to AB MOM