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3D House of Ass--Quickie



American / U.S.A.
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Abridged/Quickie version of the longer "3D House of Ass." As evidenced in this up-close examination and display, Leslie's full, firmly rotund ass is absolutely made for upturned, oily, POV ass worship, and this scant little homage to SCTV will quickly become a favorite for princess plug fans everywhere! Master Marc dons the chest harness and gives us all a dom's-eye view of this lovely MILF's hungry sphincter and ravenous little va-jay-jay. After first filling her upturned, well-oiled anus with a blue bejewled plug, Marc then turns the vibe wand on her hot box and allows her to rev up her own engine while he pumps away on that creamy cavity both from behind and above. Finally, watch this curvaceous, sexy cougar rub out one loud O after another while our cam man dutifully dumps his full and ample measure of nut butter all over this horny slut's tits and torso