Wheelchair Quad Amputee Stump Job BJ

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A cute blonde looks to be resting in a chair with a blanket over her. When she comes around she wonders why she feels so strange and asks for help. A guy comes over and pulls off the blanket to reveal that she is a quad amputee and is actually sitting in a wheelchair. She has no idea how it happened, but she likes it. She has leg stumps and arm stumps and she wiggles them both in delight. She then talks about how she will need someone to push her around in her wheelchair and he does just that. She loves being pushed around and continues to talk about this exciting new predicament she is in. He then starts to rub on her stumps and she sees he is turned on by this. She lets him continue to grope her stumps as she likes it too and that groping moves to her big tits. She sees how turned on he is and he suddenly walks off to get a small stool to place next to her. He then goes back to groping her. She finally suggests that he take his pants off so they can have some more fun and he does just that. The view then switches to his POV and she tells him to put his hard cock in between her leg stumps. He does and she starts to give him a hot stump job. After a minute of this the reason for the stool is revealed as he steps up on it so she can give him a blow job. She continues to suck on his dick and in no time at all he is grabbing her head so he can cum in her mouth. She gags a bit but takes the whole load of jizz in her mouth and then swallows it all down. She loves the new amputee she has become and then starts talking about how much fun she is going to have a quad amputee. She ends by thanking him for his cum and then asking him to get her some water. After that cumshot she is thirsty, but will be ready for more action soon. Included in this clip: Amputee, Wheelchair Fetish, Handicap, Quad Amputee, Leg Stumps, Arm Stumps, Groping, POV, Stump Job, Blow Job, Cum in Mouth, Cum Swallowers, Blondes