Freebie Tuesday

Oil dance Tease

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3,156 5.0
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Riley does an amazing job in teasing the viewer with her magnificently oiled body

maxlovesbigbutts deleted - Top reviewer Apr 22
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Your body is awesome... covered in oil makes it even more sexy... Love the video babe

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She is stunning, oiled up, & doing a very erotic dance!

DrBrule04 - Top reviewer Jun 28
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The most impressive thing about this video is not your perfect body, your amazingly angelic face, your dancing skills... it's that your lady parts are so dang tight that your toys stayed in the whole time you was jumping, booty shaking and dancing. Bravo!

RammerS - Top reviewer Apr 21
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Riley has an amazing body
Cover it in oil and you've got a keeper :-D

st_204 - Top reviewer Apr 20
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This video checks all the oil video boxes. Good music, sexy dancing, a perfect ass, oh and oil can't forget that one.

I covered myself in Oil for you! I wanted to give you a sexy little dance to show my appreciation for all you have done for me! I hope you like me all shiny and free