HD Swimsuit Twerk With Oil

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4,905 5.0
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Athik14u Apr 20

Love watching this hottie shakin her ass!!

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the beautiful brittany with her hot body rubbed in oil, needless to say nothing more

coltschaos - Top reviewer May 18
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you definitely have an amazing ass and putting oil on it just makes it so much better

tactical - Top reviewer May 7
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There's some distractions, like that Chic-Fil-A cup and she goes to get oil at one point, but her ass looks pretty damn good.

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This video is great quality and really shows the amazing assets on this video. She shakes that award winning booty and covers it with oil, makes it clap, and looks sexy the whole time. Then she adds to the excitement by taking off the top and oils up her hot little tits. She finishes it off by talking a little dirty telling you what she wants you to do to that glistening hot little ass. Perfect.

DjGomez23 - Top reviewer Apr 28
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Words cant even begin to describe how amazing and sexy this video is britt. Your booty is so sexy and with oil on it just makes it even more glorious than it already is also love how this was uploaded on my bday lol.

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She has the sexiest and most beautiful butt on this website LMAO! And when she oils it up and twerks it, her ass looks even more juicy and delicious.

Watch me twerk with this swimsuit YOU bought! I'll pour oil on my booty, and twerk it in your face! I'll get completely naked and dance for you :) This video is filmed with my cannon rebel SL1! This is HD and the sound is really great quality