SHANNON KELLY Ass-to-Mouth Dirtpipe Diva

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Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
264 5.0
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kzm9872 Apr 24 2017
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Wish she was still doing scenes!

Brandon Iron Apr 24 2017

Thank you for the feedback, kzm9872!  Glad you enjoyed Shannon's vid!  Cheers! (V))

SHANNON KELLY: Ass-to-Mouth Dirtpipe Diva Petite spinner Shannon came over to my place for a cocksucking casting. 4'10" 93lbs. She shows off her colourful leg tattoo and tells me about herself. Worked as a stripper while going to college and opened a website. She enjoys dirty talk, spanking, having her hair pulled, and rough sex. Shannon has been arrested for getting into a fight with a man at a bar. It turned into a brawl. "You know you've pissed off homeless people when they're throwing full beer bottles at you." Grew up in Connecticut, Palm Springs, and Texas. Wants to move to Jamaica. She drops to her knees to suck my cock. Enthusiastic head from a trained professional. I fuck her big fake titties. Her favourite part of herself is her ass, so I ask her to pose in doggy on the couch. Shannon started doing anal at 16. "I was a dirty girl." First anal encounter was an accident when the dick slipped in. Thumb meets bum and I root around in her colon before giving her a taste. Service gets upgraded and we fuck in doggy. Service is upgraded again and I pump her rump. She squeals with delight. Balls-deep bunghole busting followed by ass-to-mouth. "Ooh, I want to eat your fucking cum!" A thick, chunky MONSTER LOAD is dumped into her mouth and swallowed. Shannon says she had a good time. Hooray