first outdoor nude walk down street

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American / Los Angeles
1,734 5.0
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JM1983 Apr 19
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my favorite fetish!! well done for first time!!! can't wait to see the new ones you make like this!!!

dinosuit Apr 19
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Great video! I hope you make more like this.

I will be very soon! Public stuff turns me on just have to get more brave lol

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Great camera work and quality. You are very bold which made it even sexier!

luvtospank deleted May 25
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crystal clear hi def video...super hot n sexxxy, you wish it never end.....super cool chic.

Rex Morgan
Rex Morgan deleted - Top reviewer Apr 19
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Apparently my original review got cut & shows only my first word.
So with that being said, here is what was in the original review:

Can it get any hotter than this? Nothing sexier than seeing Kimber take a nice lil stroll down the street,
occasionally offering a glimpse of her incredible body in broad daylight!
I can only imagine when someone just happened to be glancing out their window & saw this! LOL

walking, flashing and having fun