DD/LG Piss Punishment Part 1

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289 5.0
9:26 min - Jun 20 - .MP4 - 1.03 GB


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ShyGuy732 - Top reviewer Aug 11
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Luna is fun to watch giggling and smiling through any of her vids. This one is no exception and after drinking a bottle of wine she pees into her wine glass and overflows it. For pee fans, this is a great scene.

CUSTOM* PART ONE OF TWO. Part 1: Daddy has came home from work and Luna has finished her homework. Daddy gives her wine and she starts getting tipsy while reading. She starts getting tipsy and Daddy asks if he can have a taste of her. She starts to undo her top and spit and dribble on her massive tits. Luna has finished her first bottle of wine and Daddy asks her to go to the bathroom to play a game, but Luna needs to pee! In the bathroom, she is instructed to get naked. Daddy's game is a little twisted. She is to squat over her wine glass and pee without spilling a drop, of course this proves difficult. Luna fails the game and Daddy asks Luna to come back at midnight for more games... Check out Part 2 to see what happens next