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Freebie Tuesday

You Can't Resist Me Little Brother



American / England
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This was a custom video for a fan:: "or my next Sarah video, I'd like you to wear a low cut top with a bra that will really for ce your tits together and up, giving them that really "big, fake, and on display" look. The tops you wore in both "your slutty sister Sarah loves to tease you" and "your slutty sister becomes your fantasy pornstar" were reeaallyyy excellent, if you can go with something similar. I also really really love when you lightly wrap your hands around the outside of your tits and jostle them together while you're talking dirty to me, showing off how obscenely huge they are. For our scenario, let's say I've been really trying to get over Sarah for the past few months, going out dating and trying to get my head off your curvy perfect pornstar body ( talk about what a good pornstar Sarah would make absolutely drives me wild). After years of being driven insane first by your jiggly perfect booty, then by your huge obscene implants, and finally by all the dirty videos you sent me of Sarah sucking & fucking everyone under the sun, sam finally realized that lusting after his big sister just makes him frustrated all the time, so I tried to stop paying attention to you, stopped opening your videos, stopped peeking on you changing, in hopes that I could focus on something else in my life for once if I just got my head off Sarah. And Sarah doesn't like this at all! Sarah loves to see men be obsessed with her, and her little brother trying to cure his addiction is totally unacceptable, so Sarah starts dressing even more obscenely around the house, showing off her thongs riding high on her hips, coming downstairs in just a bra and panties to jiggle everywhere, and it very clearly has the effect every time of making me tent my pants and getting me flustered, but I still manage to not open the videos you keep sending me, and manage to avoid following you room-to-room before scampering off to relieve my balls, none of which makes Sarah happy - you like to see men be absolutely obsessed with you. So Sarah sets things up so that one day I come home from school, and mom and dad are gone, and I hear some noises in my room, and when I get to investigate - I find my slutty, obscenely hot, sex-goddess sister bouncing up and down on my best friend Colin's cock in my own bed, in the middle of the day, right in front of my eyes. I get completely caught offguard, and am completely rooted to the spot, staring open-mouthed while Sarah big fat white ass and her huge cartoon titties bounce up and down and jiggle everywhere, with Colin lying underneath moaning wildly and writhing around from how good Sarah makes it. Colin is too lost in the pleasure to even notice me, but Sarah immediately notices me enter and locks eyes with me while she rides my friend harder and harder, until Colin finally screams and starts writhing around underneath Sarah like he's being electrocuted, he cums so fucking hard into Sarah's tight cunt - the whole time Sarah is staring intently at Sam's wide-eyed face and watching the circus tent grow in the front of my pants. As soon as Colin starts cumming inside Sarah I sprint to the bathroom and barely get a couple pumps in before I start unloading cum everywhere, my obsession with Sarah completely reignited. Then talk about all the ways you're teasing me to the point of insanity now that I'm completely head-over-heels obsessed with my big sister's sex goddess body again. And since you're so pleased that I'm obsessed again, you decide to give me a rare treat - a quick titfuck until I plaster your face & tits in cum. And you know that for weeks every time I see you all I can thinking about is your tits pulling the hot cum right out of my balls and onto your sexy face. Finally, one last thing - when talking about teasing me around the house with even more obscene slutty clothing, can you talk about how you've noticed that you might have accidentally started an obsession in our dad as well? That he had probably always heard stories, and knew his little girl was sexy, but was able to keep his brain straight until your most recent over-the-top teasing, and now you've noticed he's also started tenting his pants and staring when you enter the room, and you think it's hilarious, just another cock for you to tease into a big frustrated mess.&quot