Destroyed Balls and Viciously Trampled

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Layla and Annie found a real fun guy today. Proving older isn't always wiser, he's old enough to be their grandpa, but not wise enough not to let them have their fun kicking him in the balls! Things start relatively easy (for these two) drilling him time and time again directly in his testicles. Both amazons kick at his balls like they are kicking goals in soccer! (futbol) Annie even gets behind him and drills his nuts from the rear!! That really stuns him!!! They double him mover a few times, giving him little recovery time, even kicking him straight back into the couch... where Annie follows him, and begins stepping right on his balls, as he sits there, trying to take a break!!! No rest for you!!! They stand him up, and here is where is gets interesting! Layla puts him in a full nelson and Annie kicks him right in the testicles not just once but 4 times, and finally knock his old ass to the ground for good..! That is not exactly a good place to be, especially when you have 2 amazons that love to pulverize men beneath their giant feet! So walk on me lives up to his name and submits to the powerful amazons. They take turns and double team him in tons of fun ways! They jump on his stomach, stomp his balls, and pulverize him into the floor!! Annie rides him like a surf board and gets real low, digging in her heels! Layla has fun doing an almost tap dance routine that leaves him breathless and covered in her huge footprints!! * Includes 4 min. of Ball kicking and 5 min. of Trampling and other Body Busting