Freebie Tuesday

Pedicured Feet Crush and Stomp Bananas



American / Georgia
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I have two bundles of bananas. One bundle of bananas are ripe, and the other bundle of bananas are not ripe. I lay them down and take the peel off of a banana from each bundle. Now, there are ripe and unripe bananas, both peeled and unpeeled, on the floor, ready for my pretty pink pedicured feet to SQUISH them. I show my feet off in different poses (arching, on my toes, from the bottoms, etc.) before smushing the bananas using a number of techniques (jumping and hopping, spinning, etc.). See how smushy these bananas get and how much of their mush get between my toes and on my soles! This does include a few shots of my face and breasts as I talk and jump