Virtual Girlfriend


Ashley Sinclair

American / Clearwater
9:29 min - Apr 19 - .MP4 - 1.34 GB


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Let's just pretend for a moment that you have a virtual girlfriend. She comes over and pretends that she belongs to you. She spends your money, uses your stuff, and has parties etc at your very nice house. But you don't actually get to fuck her. She basically is your virtual girlfriend. There are some perks, however. Like today, she is going to dance for you in the new lingerie she bought using your credit card. She has big allowance from you so she uses it often. She always shows her appreciation by letting you jerk off to her dancing or modeling for you. She gets off knowing that it turns you on and sometimes, like today, she masturbates too! After watching her dance, she begins to masturbate and the two of you cum together