Tropical Tease

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152 5.0
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Merlin7_ Apr 29 2017
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Tropical Tease is a nice little offshoot of the squirting desert scene. This time around we're in an equally gorgeous environment, with palm trees as the backdrop. With the tropical theme it's almost as if Violet's a Greek goddess: the swimsuit could be a toga, the jewelry is fitting for a Mediterranean locale, and her figure could be carved from marble.

Music isn't too little or too much, it fits the scene and hit the Goldilocks sweet spot right in the middle. As far as video goes, personally I'd prefer optical rather than digital zoom effects to preserve pixel density, and 1080 HD instead of 720... but I can't complain with a scene and woman as beautiful as this one. It's worth the price of admission and then some.

Slow seductive topless movements. Enjoy slow movements and close ups of the silky swim suit being pushed up against my privates in two different looks