British / ARIZONA
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Goldie is sitting relaxing reading her magazine when she feels a poke prick her butt,then another and another...Shocked she jumps up wondering what could have caused it...Scene cuts to a mystery person with a book of voodoo, a doll and some props including pins and feathers...Suddenly Goldie starts bursting out laughing and squirming ripping at her clothes as something is ticking her all over her body trying to defend herself from the invisible onslaught to no avail,begging for the ticking to stop!..We cut to the mystery person who begins to run a feather between a voodoo doll's legs now tickling her crouch...Goldie begs no not there!As she pulls down her jeans desperately trying to stop the tickling!...Finally the ticking stops and Goldie put her clothes together wondering what came over her?!...Back to the mystery person this time producing itching powder she coats the doll in!...Goldie starts itching and squirming again getting worse and worse as she pulls off her clothes ,rubbing herself against the couch and rug trying to stop the itch that gets maddening all over until finally it subsides and she is left exhausted and disheveled on the couch