Alien Things w/Cherry

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Gefogef - Top reviewer Apr 25 2017
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Where do I start, well obvious really ALIENS DO EXIST, THEY DO, THEY DO.
This video could easily be an extra clip from Avatar, the one they were just to scared to use, well I don't care my eyes are now open to a planet from the Alpha Centurai galaxy or maybe even further away, to actually see two beautiful alien goddesses, writhing in pleasure, it's not something you ever get to see, but once you do bare witness to these two aliens, you will agree with me, they're here now walking amongst us, were watching them in camrooms, and being served food in McDonald's by them, they're here.
I'm so happy that Lena and Cherry have finally come clean, because they're bodies are definitely out of this world, the idea to use a slight filter to alter our reality is so unique, as always it's another flawless lenaspanks product, I'm still waiting for a slight error in a video from her, now I know her success comes from studying our race for many years and she perfected it, if you come away from this video and your not satisfied then NOTHING will satisfy you. I've purchased each and every video she has made and she's left me wanting more and the best thing is, I'm her daddy I get more than anyone could ever dream. I'm going to move closer to area 51 so I can keep an eye out for the next instalment, but until I return I beg you buy this video NOW.

Just some horny aliens doing horny alien things :) Probing w/vibrator probe, kissing, licking/eating out, finger play & sharing an alien double ended dildo