Home Wrecker Scam Partner Blackmail Sex

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A hot chick in short jean shorts and a slutty top with stripper high heels on comes in the door. She is upset as her partner in crime was supposed to meet her with her change of clothes. She is excited as she thinks tonight Grant is going to propose to her. She has conned him that well and she is no longer going to have to be a stripper, but instead get to be a trophy wife. Finally her roommate partner in crime comes in holding her clothes. She tells him that if Grant proposed then she is breaking the partnership up and going straight. He does not like that and reminds her that the whole scam was his idea and that he introduced her to gramps. She corrects him that it is Grant and she says she will throw him a bone. He slowly gives her the clothes he is holding and she starts to get changed. They continue to talk about everything but when he sees that she is serious he tells her that there is no way his gravy train is going to leave. He also reminds her that gramps thinks he is her brother. He then tells her he is horny since he watched her change and he wants her to take care of him. She tells him she already fucked him and he says she needs to at least give him a handjob. He holds all the cards and while this is likely nothing more than his attempt to be a home wrecker, she reluctantly gives into the blackmail position she finds herself in. Just then her phone rings and it is Grant on the other end. Her partner wastes no time taking his cock out for the handjob and as she talks to Grant he keeps calling him gramps and does his best to be the home wrecker he seems to be bent on becoming. She gives him a handjob and he keeps pushing his luck. He takes her tits out of her dress and starts to grope her big tits with some titty squeezing. She gets put on hold and he takes advantage of the situation and bends her over against the door to fuck her. She objects, but he is already about inside her pussy and Grant comes back on the phone. He fucks her doggystyle as her soon to be fiance continues to talk to her on the phone even asking how her brother is. When she finds out Grant is almost there to pick her up he does something truly worthy of home wrecker status. He pulls his cock out and cums all over her ass and her dress. She hangs up and is furious. He laughs about the whole thing and tells her they still need to talk when she gets home. He then kisses her on the cheek and mockingly calls her sis, telling her to have a good time, knowing full well that he may have just accomplished his goal of being a home wrecker and running her chances at getting married. Included in this clip: Home Wrecker, Blackmail, Handjob, High Heels, Doggystyle, Cumshot, Cum on Ass, Cum on Dress, Groping, Titty Squeezing, Big Tits, Blondes