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So predictable my stepson slams the door after another fight with his girlfriend. I can sense sexual angst from him. it is obvious that she is not putting out. Tonight I am waiting for him in my sexy lingerie. Time to help get him out of his funk. He does not even seem that surprised to find me waiting for him this way, afterall I have been flirting with him outrageously lately. I can tell he is starving for some male validation. I let him know that he can have his fun with me and should keep his relationship with her. It will help us to keep our secret and then girlfriend can have her football star boyfriend for the sake of popularity and her teasing will only make my stepson hotter for me so I figure its a win win. You can even cum in my pussy baby, no need for protection. It's safe ...your stepmom has taken care of things I promise. Only after I get you to cum in my pussy do I confess I lied, I want you to give me a baby that your father will think is his. Don't worry it will be our little secret