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Bella's Stinky Socks


Bella Ink

Indian / Las Vegas
5:54 min - Apr 20 - .MP4 - 226.13 MB - 854x480


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Bella has booked a session with you and today is the day you're meeting her! You're an obsessed foot fetish fan that's young and in college and LOVES STINKY FEET! As your in her hotel room she sit's on the bed and starts engaging you of how she didn't forget what your favorite thing was aside from her beautiful feet. As she starts to put her sweaty stinky socked feet in your face you can't help to shut up and listen to what she has to say. She has been on a roadtrip for 14 days and has not switched her socks! She has made sure there as stinky as possible for you! So now it's time for you to start sniffing her stinky socked feet as she starts to look down at your crotch area she see's your getting harder by the second. So she gives an ultimatum if she's going to let you release by a teasing JOI. Since it's been awhile she decides to have some fun with you and tell you to drop your pants! She starts by covering her mouth with her feet and making it hard to breath, and then instructs you to start stroking your cock! Her next step is to slowly start removing her socks to show you her feet but before that she tells you again, " You're getting a Joi so you can only cum when i tell you to and if you cum at that time then she'll let you come in her sweaty socks! As she starts to show you her feet she has wore your favorite color on her nice long toes RED! Now your getting hard so she teases you by putting her feet in your face, and asks you to lick and worship her feet but to your surprise she doesn't let you and instructs you to open your mouth and outs her sweaty sock in your mouth. Keep stroking that cock as she tries to muffle your breathing by shoving the other sock in your nose. As your veins are getting bigger and your precum is coming out she's getting closer for that countdown...She starts to play with you balls with her feet giving you a countdown of 10, 9, 8, etc. You bust your big load all in her dirty sweaty sock