Down and Dirty

27:49 min - Apr 22 - .MP4 - 1.96 GB


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Kendra Cole is your dirty little plaything for the night and you are so psyched that she’s the girl the agency sent. She gets a bit more comfortable, stripping off her clothes for you and shaking her ass. She puts on a sexy fishnet dress and lets you run your hands all over her body. She teases you as she takes off your pants, then she puts that big cock of yours in her pretty little mouth. When you can't take it anymore you push her down on to the bed and slide into her tight pussy. Then you lie down next to her, fucking her in spoon so you can put your hands on her while you're in her. You push her legs behind her shoulders, driving deep into that g spot so she'll come on your cock. Sexy call girl Kendra strips off what little clothing she has and sucks on your cock before climbing on to ride. Once she’s tired you put her on her hands and knees so you can slam her from behind. You pull out for just a second and she can't keep her mouth off you, freeing up her pussy for your fingers. You stand her up and plow her up against the wall, then she drops to her knees so you can come in her mouth. So worth the money