You look better with a dick in ur mouth


Ava Black

British / UK
11:40 min - Apr 20 - .WMV - 153.10 MB


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Do you know something? Every time you open your mouth the only thing I think is how pathetic you look and sound. I imagine you on your knees looking up at me begging me.. no pleading... for me to degrade you in the worst way possible! Oh yes please, I would love to. Didn't think you'd be so obvious... But then again the sight of you on your knees faced with a demanding Mistress and an object you are so familiar with but not... Delicious! Get on your knees. Gargle on this boi! I love to see you with a fat one in your mouth! I love to turn you into a mindless dribbling cocksucking whore...Say aaaaahhhhh