Jacquelyn Velvets & the Beanstalk

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Jacquelyn Velvets has had enough problems with the beanstalk and does not like that one of the villagers stolen from her- at least in her mind. She comes stomping toward the town and commands the tiny village people to give up the thief. Her booming voice of fee-fi-fo fum does not entice them to give up the culprit. Unfortunately they will suffer the fate of being crushed under her giant foot. <BR><BR> A sharp pain in her foot reveals someone trying to poke her, but Jackie uses this opportunity to humiliate them with her stinky foot. Their tiny body is dragged across her sole and they are made to inhale before she stomps the townspeople to smithereens. OTHER KEYWORDS- fairy tales, Jacqueline Velvets, blonde, blond, long hair, curvy, big tits