30 Day Edging Challenge



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I have a little challenge for you - 30 days of daily edging, no cumming ... think you can do it? Before you answer, don't be so sure of yourself. Many men have tried, and failed. It's not as easy as you think it will be. Do you think you can bring yourself to the brink of cumming, and not cum? Think you can withstand 30 days of Me teasing you, and tormenting you with My figure, and words? Do you think your willpower could last 30 days of self imposed blue balls? I bet you won't be able to last. Think you will? Prove Me wrong. If you last the entire 30 days there will be a new clip where I guarantee you'll have the best orgasm Go the extra mile, and purchase a clip a day to edge to. There's more than enough in My store to keep you going for a whole year if you so desire