Before Shower Hair Job and POV Riding

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American / Twin Peaks
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coleslaw Jun 28
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One of her great GFE-style videos. This one pushes a lot of my favorite buttons: towel tease, cute redhead, cute redhead with long hair, cute redhead with long hair riding me cowgirl, etc. :)

1280 x 720) Your just starting to wake up and you see me brushing my hair... i'm wrapped in my towel but haven't gotten in the shower yet... I see you waking up and start to tease you with my beautiful long red hair and big full kisses as I talk about my plans for the get sooo worked up as my towel won't stay on and I give you a "hair job" with kissing... then pov ride you as I whip my hair around. This video is sooo hot. (custom video - no names were used) (2017) (Please <3 my vid if you like the preview