Amsterdam BJ Ride Hands Free Cumshot



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I eagerly lip my lips wanting his big cock in my mouth. I lick the head before taking his cock down my throat. I just love wrapping my lips around my husband's cock. I even stroke it a little bit with my hands and get it very sloppy with spit. Then I climb on top and feel every single inch go in and out of my pussy. Lots of up close shots. Occasionally, he pans ups to see my bouncing tits and looks of pleasure on my face. I eventually turn around to bounce on his cock reverse cowgirl. Lots of ass spreading to see his cock penetrate my pussy. Even some nice shots of my asshole and tattoos. It is definitely a lot of ass to handle. I flip back around and prop one leg up so I can get him deeper into me. I climb off him and he teases my clit and labia with his cock. You can tell I enjoy being teased. I love it when he finally gets inside me and thrust hard and fast. You can see I am really loving getting fucked. He pumps faster and has a hands free orgasm, no hand to help him cum once he pulls out of my pussy. His thick creamy cums lands on my pussy mound and trails down to my swollen clit. All shot in his POV