Little Humiliation - Anabelle Pync

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Anabelle Pync has been helping you pick out the right furniture and hands you the total which is more than you wanted to spend. She is helpless to change the price and really needs the sale or she is going to be fired. When she notices you staring at her ample chest, she is annoyed, but listens to your offer of showing her tits. With disgust and necessity, she begrudgingly lifts her shirt and shows her bra clad breasts. This is not enough and you insist that she take everything off. Her hands have to stop covering he natural breasts before you can make a decision to buy the furniture. You tell her that you will pay full price for the furniture if she has sex with you. Incredulously, she sighs in resignation that she will have to do anything for this sale. If she is going to go all the way, she at least wants to know if you have a nice cock and makes you to take off your pants. Her face contorts oddly and asks if you are hard? Your very average 5 inch cock is tiny to her and she deserves somebody with a real size cock. She moves her hands to measure you and to humiliate your inadequacy. Someone with her looks and huge tits needs more than your tiny dick. She still needs the sale at full price, but makes a deal to give you a handjob. Obviously you will be quick! As she strokes you (implied virtual) she tells you to hurry like a little dick loser. Touching someone with such a pathetic dicklette was a new low for her! Time to pay up. OTHER KEYWORDS- Embarrassed nude female, Embarrassed nude female, SPH, Annabelle Pync, ENF, all natural, barely legal