LaylaLoves Daisy DDD's Asshole

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It has been a while since Layla has had a nice and plump, sexy ass to lick... but today is her lucky day!! Hanging out with Daisy DDD, Layla discovers that she loves having her asshole eaten, licked, kissed and worshipped! All things Layla loves to do! So needless to say, Layla forgets about talking or pants or much of anything other than licking and fucking Daisy's hot asshole!! She buries her face deep between her cheeks and goes to town! Layla's tongue is working overdrive, working her way deep inside her anus! Daisy is really enjoying the anal attention, so much her pussy is dripping wet! But Layla just keeps licking her puckered brown eye like it is thanksgiving dinner! She is a fiend for tasty assholes like Daisy's ! Keep on licking