Funneling Santa's Cookie Thief


Fat Glory

American / United States
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Sydney puts out cookies and milk for Santa but fat miss Olivia sneaks over by the tree to gobble them all up. Of course she gets caught! Those cookies were for Santa and she's very angry with Olivia for being such a fat ass, she must get punished!! Chubby girl does not take it seriously or think she's really going to do anything when her friend comes back with a funnel and half gallon of egg nog. That is until Sydney shoves the hose in her mouth and f00rces creamy delicious holiday nog down. She's afraid and angry as she chugs down the whole thing because there is nothing she can do about it. She was a bad fatty eating all the cookies and now she's really bloated and ready to pop. Sydney hopes this will teach her a lesson not to get into Santa's damn cookies and milk when she goes to make more for him