Deodorant For Bad BO


Jasmine Rose

American / U.S.
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It's time for my workout. I need to sweat. I love getting all of that perspiration out, it means I'm working hard. It may smell a lot, but I've got to push through it! Sometimes, when I hit the gym, people give me a disgusted look and have to walk away. I smell myself a little bit, but I've become accustomed to living with it. I have much worse BO than most people, especially while working out. I have to make a point to remember my Dove cucumber deodorant EVERY time I go workout! If I don't, it's the end of the world. My smell could knock someone out. Pew! Boom, you'd never ever forget my stench. I have to be sure to apply my Dove cucumber deodorant after every set I do, or the smell is just terrible. I make sure to apply it generously and heavily, otherwise I can't cover up my smell. My armpits need extra tending to than the normal person